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the pears

We are a collaborative team formed in 2010. Our work strives to be unique, cheerful and finely crafted by hand. Each piece is a playful exploration of our various interests across clay, fiber, metal, and paint. All work is handmade in Austin, Texas.

John + Jess = a juicy combination.


Trained and practicing in architecture, John loves to explore new materials, discover underlying order, and meticulously unfold the process for every new art piece. Each technique or method expresses his architectural background. John loves to find new ways to capture the spirit of design.


With over 20 years of throwing experience on the pottery wheel, Jess strives for finely crafted pieces. Her education lead to a degree in architecture and product design, exploring functionality and form. Jess is a Furnishings Manager at an Interior Design firm during the day and ceramic artist in her free time. She enjoys creating dinnerware and exploring new color combinations. Check out her ceramic studio in South Austin!

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